Mike Kane wins Wythenshawe by-election for Labour as 28 per cent turn out to vote

kaneBy Feyisola Raimi-Abraham and Sameera Rafiq

Labour’s Mike Kane has won the battle to become Wythenshawe’s MP with UKIP finishing in second place.

Just over 28 per cent of the people of Wythenshawe voted and more than half had already voted by post.

In his victory speech Mr Kane, who was born and bred in Wythenshawe, quoted Benjamin Disraeli.

He said the Tory hero spoke in Manchester about One Nation and that what Manchester does today the world does tomorrow.

He said:”Manchester has rejected David Cameron today and the rest of Britain will reject him tomorrow.

“The NHS is not safe in David Cameron’s hands. The people of Wythenshawe are sick of the damaging cuts from this government and are saying enough is enough. We are a party for uniting communities building on the best of Britain, not pandering to the worst.

He also took the opportunity to pay tribute to emergency workers who have been working round the clock in the face of fierce storms in the North West.

It was a resounding victory for Labour who increased their share of the vote with UKIP finishing second ahead of the Tories. It was a miserable night for the Lib Dems who lost their deposit.


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