Wythenshawe Labour Party backs Corbyn in leadership race

jc-smallWythenshawe Constituency Labour Party members have voted to back left winger Jeremy Corbyn in  his bid to become the new party leader.

In a packed meeting at Wythenshawe Cricket Club tonight Corbyn won the nomination ballot with Leigh MP, Andy Burnham coming second in the ballot.

Dozens of new members came to the meeting as well as Labour supporters who also voted to back Corbyn in a consultative ballot.

Corbyn is currently the bookies favourite to win the leadership race having first being ranked as an outsider. Polls are giving him a commanding lead and he has the support of a large number of constituency parties and trade unions, including Unite, Unison and the Communication Workers Union.

The veteran MP is standing on an anti-austerity platform and was the only candidate to vote against the government’s Welfare Reform and Work Bill while the others abstained.

The other candidates in the election are Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall.

Anyone who wants to vote in the election can do so by registering as a Labour Supporter for £3 before August 12.

One response to “Wythenshawe Labour Party backs Corbyn in leadership race”

  1. angela bennett says :

    Good news that labour may have a chance to return to its roots with Jeremy Corbin – as opposed to staying as the BLairite second Tory party. If he is elected I might re-join the Labour party.

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