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REVIEW: Wipers Times @ Opera House, Manchester

38785_fullThis extraordinary tale of a group of soldiers who produce a satirical newspaper in the heat of battle in the middle of the First World War is the perfect tribute to the to the British Tommy.

The story sums up both the courage and humour which abounded amidst the conflict and the futility and tragedy of war. As writer Ian Hislop said afterwards in a Q and A with the audience it was the soldiers’ insistence on laughing in the face of death which made the story all the more incredible Read More…


Wythenshawe youngsters display creative talents as they delve into First World War history for new exhibition

An exhibition of the work of talented Wythenshawe youngsters to commemorate the First World War and the poetry of Wilfred Owen is being launched at Central Library by the Lord Mayor of Manchester.

The exhibition consists of a moving collection of poetry, letters, art and animation produced by 15 young people aged 11-19 from Wythenshawe.

They took part in a project which was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and Manchester City Council and delivered at the Wow Zone Learning Centre in Wythenshawe. Read More…

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