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Transport bosses make funding bid to expand Airport Metro line

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Transport for Greater Manchester has submitted a funding bid to the Department for Transport to extend the Metrolink’s Airport line.

The Airport line currently terminates at Manchester Airport’s railway station, but the funding bid outlines the potential to extend the line with an additional stop at Terminal 2.

According to a report in The Place North West, TfGM said the expansion would “align with Manchester Airport Group’s intended expansion to Terminal 2 and the future development of Airport City”.

TfGM will also look into extending the Metrolink from Terminal 2 to the proposed HS2 station at the airport, which forms part of the wider “Western Loop” initiative, which could potentially link the HS2 station at the airport to Wythenshawe Hospital and the surrounding area.

Other options to make the airport a transport hub for the area include proposals for a busway and cycleway linking Altrincham with the airport’s HS2 station; additional bus priority lanes on the existing road network; and an extension of the railway station’s platforms to increase capacity.


Jailed: Fraudster who preyed on holidaymakers at Manchester Airport

A Wythenshawe conman who tried to persuade holidaymakers to part with their cash, claiming he needed it to visit a sick relative, has been jailed.

Gary Lyon, aged 50 of Shayfield Drive, defrauded people at Manchester Airport in November last year by asking for money so that he could visit an ill family member in hospital.

On the first occasion, he preyed on the kind nature of a business traveller by telling him his car had broken down and he needed money to buy fuel to get to his father-in-law in hospital who had suffered a heart attack.

Lyon promised to pay him back giving him his number to transfer the money but when the victim called later on, the conman never answered.

Around the same time the next day, a 69-year-old woman was picked up at the arrivals hall by her husband, who had recently been discharged from hospital for respiratory problems.

As they were carrying her suitcases to the car, Lyon approached, noticing that the husband was unwell, and offered to carry the bags. The woman politely refused and carried on walking to the car but Lyon grabbed the suitcases and took them to the boot of their car.

He then told the couple he wanted a favour from them and spun them a tail that he needed money to get to his father in hospital who had had a heart attack.

Lyon again promised he would pay the money back to them but when the woman refused to hand any cash over, he got aggressive and despite her efforts to alleviate the situation, he identified a nearby cash machine and marched her over to it.

Fearing for her safety, the woman withdrew some money and handed it to Lyon but as soon as she did this, he ran off saying it wasn’t enough and exclaimed he would get the rest from her husband who was waiting in the car.

She ran after him, concerned for her husband’s safety but Lyon had beaten her to it and was forcing her husband to give him money as she caught up with him.

Startled at how quickly the woman got to the car, he ran off from the scene.

Lyon, who had previous convictions for similar offences, was jailed for one year and four months at Manchester Crown Court.

Detective Constable Alex Wild, of GMP’s Airport CID, said: “Lyon preyed on the good nature of innocent people and took advantage of them, faking family illnesses, which no-one would wish on their loved ones.

“It seems he was oblivious to the effect his offending was having on people but today I’m sure it’s explicitly clear to him that he is now where he is because of his own sickening actions.”

Airport City scheme “not affected” by Carillion collapse


Bosses in charge of the the £800 million Airport City project in Wythenshawe have said the scheme will not be affected by the collapse of one of its partners – construction giant Carillion.

Carillion, which employs 20,000 people and is understood to have public private partnership contracts worth £1.7 billion across the country, went into liquidation with debts of more than £900 million.

The troubled firm is one of  five partners  in a joint venture to deliver the enterprise zone aimed at stimulating the Greater Manchester economy by creating on-site logistics, manufacturing, office and leisure facilities. The other partners are Manchester Airport Group, Beijing Construction Engineering Group, the Greater Manchester Pension Fund. Read More…

Wythenshawe councillor caught up in Brussels terror attacks

Webb__C_2015A Wythenshawe councillor,  stranded at a Brussels airport in the wake of the horrific terrorist attacks on has paid tribute to the victims.

Cllr Chris Webb, who represents Northenden, was leading  a delegation to the European Parliament to meet North West MEPs in Brussels and was stranded at Charlerois airport.



Cllr Webb told the Wythenshawe Reporter, his flight operator, Ryanair wanted more than  €6000 for a flight home after his visit to the European Parliament had been cancelled.

He said: “After over three hours of calling customer services with no luck it looks like all places are booked for tonight. However our problems are insignificant compared to the tragic loss of life today in Brussels.”

He had just boarded his plane to Brussels South Charlerois airport as news was breaking of explosions at the other main airport in the city.

At least 27 people are reported to have been killed in two explosions in the departure lounge of the airport and another attack on the Maelbeek metro station close to EU buildings.

Manchester City Council leader, Sir Richard Leese, condemned the atrocity. He said: “We, like the rest of the world, are again in shock to hear of the attack in Brussels. Extreme violence like this resonates through the cities of the world, but we must hold on to the ideals of peace at these terrible times. Our sympathy is with the families of those affected and our solidarity with the people of Belgium.”

Brussels is currently in a state of lockdown and scheduled events at the European Parliament  were cancelled.

The Wythenshawe Reporter contacted Cllr Webb who was safe and said he was organising flights to return home.

Manchester Airport has stepped up its police presence but there is no intelligence to suggest there is a heightened level of threat of attack.



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